Extreme Outback

Extreme Outback Products offers the best quality, service and price!

Company Profile and Introduction:

  • Extreme Outback Products is committed to unsurpassed service and quality! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products!
  • Our products have been proven and used in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. The Australian Military, NATO and even the United States military use them.
  • We search the world for functional equipment that will work as promised. Quality control and reliability are the most important features of our products!
  • Extreme Outback Products has been featured in multiple media outlets, including; Four Wheeler, 4Wheel & Off Road, Trailer Life, 4 Wheel and Sports Utility, Sports Afield, Off Road, Land Rover International and TRUCKS! TV.
  • Although the United States is our largest market, our products are being used in remote places such as Uganda, Indonesia, Nome Alaska, Iceland, The Falkland Islands and of course, the Australian Outback.
  • Quality products can mean the difference between life and death in these remote locations. Our products will not let you down!
  • Browse our web site and online catalog. Please call us toll free or contact us via our contact us form.

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ExtremeAire Endura 12V Compressor

KD 145.000
The ExtremeAire Endura is our newest 12 volt compressor. The Endura is designed with a smaller and leaner mounting footprint to allow easier fitment in a variety of applications.The Endura has a 100% ..


KD 220.000
Imagine an ExtremeAire Compressor with TWICE the power, all in a package only 2″ longer than the original! Now you can have a continuous 12 volt compressor that will put out 6 CFM free flow and a whop..

ExtremeAire Magnum Expedition Portable Compressor

KD 300.000
All the great features and performance of the ExtremeAire Magnum compressor in a portable package. Easy to use from vehicle to vehicle with our top of the line USA made waterproof submersible storage ..
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