• Information about delivery and delivery price

    Clean more details to answer customers' questions and be clear to them without the need to return to inquire by phone

  • What is the delivery price?

    1 dinars only

  • Is it delivered to my area?

    To all residential areas of Kuwait only.

  • When is delivery?

    1-3 working days

Shipping orders to all countries

  • Shipping charges

    The customer bears the value of shipping the products from the State of Kuwait to the country to be shipped to, including all customs fees that the customs may impose on the customer.

  • How can I follow up on the order?

    Once your order is installed and confirmed, we will provide you with your bill of lading number and the name of the shipping company via your email that you registered during the order and on WhatsApp for the phone number entered in the order data, and you have to follow up on the shipping company by calling them or via their website. Normally, orders are delivered to your address, and you may have to pick up your order from the shipping company's office due to not entering your address correctly or completely, or because the phone was not answered while the shipping company was contacting you, or for any reasons beyond our control. Your application will be delivered within a period ranging between (1-3) working days within the State of Kuwait.


  • How can I pay for my order?

    Knet - Visa - Master - Cash - UPAY

  • Is the payment process secure in Bindousr store?

    All operations are safe in Bindousr store and do not keep the payment accounts of our customers