Delivery and shipping inside Kuwait

How to find out the shipping cost & Shipping time?

  • Delivery of products to all areas of Kuwait only is free.
  • We reserve the right to charge additional delivery fees for exceptional circumstances beyond our control.

Shipping policy for all countries

Shipping charges

The customer bears the cost of shipping the products from the State of Kuwait to the country to be shipped to Including all customs duties that may be imposed by customs on the customer We reserve the right to charge shipping fees according to exceptional circumstances beyond our control, including all customs fees that customs may impose on the customer.

follow up with the order

Once your order is installed and confirmed, we will provide you with your bill of lading number and the name of the shipping company via your email that you registered during the order and on WhatsApp for the phone number entered in the order data, and you have to follow up on the shipping company by calling them or via their website. Normally, orders are delivered to your address, and you may have to pick up your order from the shipping company's office due to not entering your address correctly or completely, or because the phone was not answered while the shipping company was contacting you, or for any reasons beyond our control. Your application will be delivered within a period ranging between (1-3) working days within the State of Kuwait.

Note: Shipping companies are reviewed regarding the prices of sending shipments outside the State of Kuwait within 3 working days

Order cancellation policy

Order cancellation policy, cancellation terms and reasons for automatic cancellation

To be aware of the order cancellation policy on the Ben Dosser Automotive website, you must know:

  • How to cancel an order?
  • Shipping cancellation terms?
  • Shipping cancellation terms?
  • How to cancel an order?

There are several ways in which you can cancel your order after it has been confirmed on the Bindousr website, and these methods are:

  • Communicate with customer service
  • Live chat for the site
  • Send an email to the site

Shipping charges

The order cancellation policy on Bindousr website is subject to certain conditions, which are:

  • Submit a cancellation request before delivery
  • The cancellation request will be rejected if the order is sent for delivery
  • Also, if the order is refused, this will affect the purchase process in the future, as the payment upon receipt service will be withheld.

Reasons to cancel the order automatically

There are some reasons that lead to the automatic cancellation of the order from the Bindousr website, which are:

  • No payment method selected for the product for more than 45 minutes.
  • Payment failed when using a credit card.
  • Failed to communicate with the customer to confirm the delivery data.
  • Failed to communicate with the customer for 3 days in the case of payment on receipt.
  • The product is out of stock.